Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank you note from everyone, after the family vacation...

hi everyone,

I just want to thank everyone for making the trip to Maine a fun one. Like how the aunts would cook dinner, make lunch and breakfast and the girls who made that delicious butter chicken. All the boys/uncles that did stuff with me like canoeing/ kayaking and making fires. Uncle Laurie who made all the games for every night that they were here and was so much fun. Without all of you, I would be playing on my ds bored to death and have to do lots of chores.

It was a great vacation and it was a fun one because of all of you.
Hope we can do another family trip next year.



Hello family,

Max you said it best already but THANK YOU everyone who made this trip possible and for making this trip so memorable. I think I enjoyed this trip a little more than last years because of all the different activities including; billiards, ping pong, canoeing, hiking, roasting marshmallows, swing rope and of course Uncle Laurie's fun games.

I've uploaded all my pics on my flickr site. (Have a look before my account expires in two days -_- )


ps - I look forward to the next family vacation ;)


Hi All,

Me and Su made it home safely this morning after spending two days in Princeton.
It will be a while before we sort out the photos and videos (those edits are time consuming and files are huge!)

I too had a lot of fun because of the lakeside activities and campfires. Of the last twelve years in California, I didn't go camping once, so I do miss all those outdoor times.

Game winners were everyone who had fun, but to recap:
M & M Guessing - Leigh-Ann
Guess the Drawings - Toni
Obstacle Course - Ching and Adri, consolation prize to Chris and Max for fastest time.
Photo Scavenger Hunt - Ruby
Pose Off - Ching
Anagrams - Toni
Charades - Morgan (team)



Hi Family!

This family vacation was very memorable! My favorite memories were swimming through the rapid waves with Matthew, Max, Calvin and Chris, I've never been so scared for my life before! I also liked all the family games, I loved pictionary, charades, the scavenger hunt and even the painful torturing pose-off, (Ching, next time I'll take you down!).

What made the trip even more memorable was everyone who was there and the effort from everyone to make every day fun and full (especially our bellies)! Thank you Aunt Nancy, Aunt Margaret, Uncle Keith for helping with every meal, Mom for all the cleaning, laundry and for supporting the trip and driving endless hours along with Matthew, Uncle Laurie for preparing all the entertainment and prizes, the cousins for all the fun and games and umm.. rememberable catch phrases "Chrispy-Chrisp-Holla-Bing-Ching!".

I hope to do this every year, because these are always my favorite. And I hope in the future the kids will continue this tradition of family vacations! I'll see many of you soon during the Christmas holidays, and if not then, I hope to see you soon! Take care and thanks again for everything!



Hi family,

I would also like to add my thanks to the list. Again, thanks for the preparation of the trip, thanks for the food, the driving, the games, and the fun times.

I think my favourite part of the trip was the rope swing, jumping and cheering people on to jump (or in gong-gong`s case... hoping he didn`t jump!). I liked watching everyone overcome that five minute period of terrified paralysis.

So I agree with Toni, though the planning may be tough, the driving may be long and the expenses may be high, but in the end our family trips are always worth it... So I see no reason in NOT continuing them and enjoying ourselves as a family :)

Next year, back-packing through Europe? (HA)

Anyways, once again thank you AND.... ROLLERBLADES!!

Ruby :)

PS, to the beh-beh-juus, thanks for TB,S1+2 :D


I also want to make a quick thank you to Aunt Su for her delicious meal! I forgot to write that down on my first email but it was something I wanted to point out! It was a dinner to remember! Thank you for it!



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